Selected Posts

[1st Trial of “Solar Dryer” of Coul-san (Burkina Faso, 2011-A)]
Only 3 weeks after our study trip to Zimbabwe, Coul-san, Burkinabé ex-participant has successfully set up his 1st “Solar Dryer”. During the study trip, Coul-san was so much [...]
[56th CSW 2012 in NYC]
NGO PARALLEL EVENT 56th Session of the UN Commission on the Status of Women See our Flyer download file
[Arrival of 12 Vietnamese, cherry blossoms are in full bloom]
This spring, we support the training of 12 Vietnamese counterparts of JICA’s technical assistance project on sustainable forestry management. They arrived on 4th April to Tokyo, and almost [...]
[Good luck and see you !]
On 24th august, our 10 participants have successfully finished this JICA training course on “Empowerment of Rural Women”. After huge effort and struggle to make out a brilliant [...]
[How has Japanese Life Improvement started?]
No.1) History of Ms. Matsuyo Yamamoto The Life Improvement Program started with a request from GHQ (General Headquarters of the Allied Forces) after the World WarⅡ. At that [...]
[Japanese rich and varied countryside]
From 17th to 20th April, the 12 Vietnamese trainees visited Tochigi Prefecture, around 100 km from Tokyo. It was a great pleasure for us to accompany them in [...]
[Marvelous study trip to Murewa, Zimbabwe (Jan 28-Feb 6 2012)-1]
...To be continued later :)
[Marvelous study trip to Murewa, Zimbabwe No-2]
Murewa Green Tourism Project of Cynthia-san, Zimbabwean ex-participant impressed all of us so much. The core group is very well organized and motivated, they showed us “Jerusalem dance” [...]
[Report from Faksy san, Jaf san and Neka san(Nigeria), the post participants of 2011(A)]
Below is some extracts from Faksy san’s message. “In relation to we have been doing, we have been very busy carrying out the NCWD/JICA project of empowering rural [...]
[Update from Kanta-san (India), the post participant of 2008]
She shared that her article that published in an edited book in Assam, “Tourism and Women Empowerment and: An Experience of A Japanese Concept” She mentioned “The north-east [...]


[JICA report on its approach to the MDGs]
JICA published the report “JICA’s Approach to the Millennium Development Goals”.
In this report, our training course has been featured together with successful event during the commission of status of women 54(CSW54). The report also highlights the activities practiced by Cynthia-san. You can check the article fromhere on page 9.

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