12 05, 2012

The Land of Thunder Dragon

Do you know which country has this beautiful symbol as the national flag?

Very fortunately, I had a chance to travel to the most  isolated and exotic country,Bhutan with my close friend!  Her strong eagerness to Bhutan made possible this vist.  She had known what she wanted to do, but to me, honestly, I had no know idea what my stay would be.  Just I bought a “Chikuno-aruki-kata” (popular guide book for Japanese travelers) and jump to airplane….

Bhutanis a unique blend of the old and new.  The country is slowly opening up to the modern worlds in a fine balance with its ancient traditions.  And the spiritual land is the last bastion of the Vajrayanaschoolof Mahayana Buddhism which provides the essence of a unique identity of Bhutanese citizen.  I think these aspects fascinate many foreigners.  By staying there for thee days, we could find many common parts and something particular forBhutan.

Travel system in Bhutan was unique. While staying there, local travel agency operated all program.  It provided one frequent Japanese speaking Bhutanese tour guide and one driver with four-wheel drive. They are professional with perfect interpretation, safe drive and kindness, which was one of key factors for success of our trip !

But, schedule is pretty flexible. Until reaching places, we did not expect what program looked like.

For example, “Farmers house visit”. I thought we just entered the farm house and observed how famers lived.  But actually, a specific host farm family welcomed us kindly and provided typical foods for Bhutanese lunch.  All foods were so delicious, particularly, I liked spicy “ Emadati” (Chilly with cheese) very much.  I clearly remembered that son’s astonishing face when I had three bowls of rice and side dishes more !  I guessed that he had never seen such a Asian woman eating too much !

After lunch, we were asked to try “Bhutanese Bath” outside.  As Japanese, I was not surprised to take a bath outside like “Rotenburo” (outside hot spring) as long as it is attached to a main building and surrounded by fences.

But, beyond my expectation, mother brought me to their paddy fields next to a river.  And then, I found how Bhutanese open bath looked like… She prepared burning stones for many house and put it water in the tab for heating.  It looks fine but……fences looked too short, not enough to me…. Basically, inJapanwe have custom to enjoy “Onsen” (public hot spring) with completely naked(of course, separate sections for women and men). So, I did not mind if it was informed before for ready.

But it came suddenly !  At first, I was hesitating a bit but I decided to try because this may be my first and last chance to try Bhutanese open bath practice in my life ! Thanks God, it was as so nice experience to soak in scaling wooden bath water by looking up at the blue sky !!!!!

  By the way, I remember funny reactions of our ex-participants of our training when they were strongly asked to try Onsen inJapan, particularly about naked matter !

 After I became “more” beautiful thanks to Bhutanese Onsen, mother helped to put on a national dress for women, “Kira”.  It is well designed with excellent quality and comfortable.  And soon, we were called outside and enjoyed playing archery.

Thank you very much for our host family, Dorji-san and Karuma-san.   I really think what you called “farm visit” is not just visit but “farm stay practice !!!” So from the next schedule, you can say, “Nouka taiken” in Japanese  – T -

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12 03, 2012

Hello from Republic of Congo !

Fisher lady? 

Finally, Maho san has shared her news fromRepublic of Congo

Yes, we know that she is a strong woman to help unloading a local fishing boat!

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10 21, 2012

Active progress news from Ze-san, Afghanistan

Ze-san is confident to share the latest news on her LIAP implementation. Due to her efforts and related stakeholders’ supports, LIP-Groups in Afghanistan have succeeded in producing different types of James from different fruits, such as Apple, Apricot, block cheery, carrot, grapes and any fruits available locally.

And akso they are able to produce different species,( it is called Turshy , Achar ,Chakny, other products from vegetables from their own garden )and are they are ble to package the fresh fruits properly and bring to MRRD ministry for sale.

NABDP has established 12 fruit and vegetable process groups in Kabul( Paghman , Kalakan , Qarabagh, Mirbachakot and shakerDara districts )Laghman ( Mahterlam and Qarghaee) Takhar ( Farkhar and Taloqan ) Baghlan ( Baghlan Markazi ) Samangan ( Ayback and Hazrati Sultan).2 cucumber ( one in Baghlan ( Doshi) District ) one in Kabul ( Dahsabz district ),Bee keeping in Kabul ( Guldara and Estalif District )

And also one fishery group was in Kabul ( Charasyab) created but unfortunately it dose not bring good results at this moment. And then 17 women poultry groups are born. They are very new, so Ze-san and her colleagues are trying to find solutions to get better results (KAIZEN-improvement)


This photo shows processed fruit and vegetable from Laghman province Qarghaee.

It is nice to see active Afghan women making change their livers for better like Japan women have done slowly but steadily -T-

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10 02, 2012

Valueable Donkeys in rural Afghanistan

 These pictures were taken at Namakab, one of districts in Northeast of Afghanistan by Ze-san. She said, it is very close to the center of province, but still roads condition is not good enough, so people totally depend on these donkeys as the most reliable transportation under such a severer living condition…..



As shown, donkey is not juts animal, but this is not so exaggerated to say, looks like angels which are saving people’s lives by carrying foods, fire woods and warmer clothes for their survival.

 Thanks, Ze-san for these pictures which allow to learn more rural Afghanistan and your hard work.
I am sure their lives tomorrow will be much better than today due to all efforts! This is from our philosophy of Life Improvement Approach . -T-

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09 26, 2012

Who are they ?


Looks very good !

Takahasi-san and Osodo-san, former Life Improvement extension advisors in Tochigi looks beautiful with Nigerian dresses

Anne san, Domoarigato. -T-

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09 25, 2012

Post program of Mujen-san(2012)

Mujen-san has shared recent news after one month from our training course!
She said, JICA Turkey office suggested organizing “JICA task team” for effective work.
The members are composed of 2persons who attended PLSD training, and 6 people within my project framework including me, as one common project team.
One of main issues in this project will be about ecotourism luckily. Even though the general framework is still vague, but all members is so enthusiastic. This is good!”

They looks younger which is also good that they may be bring creative and unique ideas for rural future of Turkey. Japan also needs to give a chance our younger practitioners to be decision makers as well. -T-

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08 31, 2012

Report from Ze san from Afghanistan(2009A)

On the year of 2011-2012, I established 34 LIPGs in 5 province of Afghanistan, Kabul, Samangan, Baghlan, Laghman and Samangan.
We have 2 groups of Beekeeping in Kabul districts (Estalif and Guldara), 2 groups of cucumber in Dah Sabz of Kabul and Doshi Districts of Baghlan.





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08 29, 2012

Good luck and see you !

On 24th august, our 10 participants have successfully finished this JICA training course on “Empowerment of Rural Women”.


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08 06, 2012

Post from the Participants -10 (Swaziland 2012)

IX week of the course, 8th day of August, 2nd lesson on Output 5, Mastering using the Website.
Ok let me put to practice what I learnt today. Nagato Study trip, hhola—hhola Nagano ! NOW, this is where I lost my figure! GOCHI SO SAMA —– DESHITA!





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