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03 23, 2011

Update from Kanta-san (India), the post participant of 2008

P1000986.jpgShe shared that her article that published in an edited book in Assam, “Tourism and Women Empowerment and: An Experience of A Japanese Concept”
She mentioned “The north-east region of India is endowed richly with nature’s beauty, the ambience of serenity, exotic flora and fauna, and culturally rich tradition carried on by a warm and hospitable people who have learnt to combine traditions with modernity suiting the needs of the present. It has immense potential for being major tourist destinations. However, the region has unhappily suffered from the uneven development of the country resulting in retarded growth, high unemployment including also the vast number of educated unemployed and pretty high incidence of poverty”.
As one of ways to improve these conditions, she introduced Mich-no-eki(roadside station in Japanese). She explained “It is a community based tourism which has become tremendously successful in Japan as well as in some developing countries. Michi-no-eki are facilities that provide a comfortable place for road users or tourists to rest through the creative ingenuity of the local community. They provide rural women with a market, encourage the inventiveness and efforts of local people, and have the potential to function as centres for community development”.
She concluded that “The concept of the Michi-no-eki has great potential to contribute to tourism as well as to empowerment of rural women in the reason by providing employment resulting in generation of income” and ended that “another important feature of Michi-no-eki is that all the profits remain within the community” She brought up issues how possible to adapt Michi-no-eki into the north-east region of India.
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