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02 23, 2012

Marvelous study trip to Murewa, Zimbabwe (Jan 28-Feb 6 2012)-1

Murewa LIP-G Dance.JPG♪♪♪♪Huko huko huko hukoooo… ♪♪♪♪
Do-mi-do la-la-la!
Do-mi-do la-la-la, Japan deyetu!
Cameroon deyetu! Lesotho deyetu!
Burkina deyetu! Senegal deyetu!
Murewa deyetu! Do-mi-do la-la-laaaaa!!!

4 Japanese (Kano-san, Furuta-san, Tomi-san & me) and 7 ex-participants (Aminata-san from Senegal, Stella-san & Aggy-san from Cameroon, Bony-san & Marianna-san from Lesotho, Zara-san & Coul-san from Burkina faso), we got a hearty welcome from 20 members of LIP-G (Life Improvement Practice Group) of Murewa, Zimbabwe …with the above-cited resounding song. As this song was quite impressive, some of us still can’t forget it !
Thanks to JICA Tsukuba, we had an opportunity to visit Murewa Green Tourism Project Site, being operated by one of our ex-participants, Cynthia-san who is a staff of NGO, ZWAAPV (Zimbabwe Women Against HIV/AIDS Poverty and Violence). What is amazing is that not only WELI staffs, we could invite also 7 ex-participants from African continent. It was a great pleasure for us to discover Murewa Core group and to see again the other ex participants in Zimbabwe…
During our study trip from 28th January to 6th February, we held a “Furoshiki Bazar Work Shop” on 1st February. …But what’s Furoshiki??? This is a traditional Japanese wrapping cloth, reusable, multipurpose & eco-friendly cloth. Japanese rural women, before arriving at the stage of entrepreneur, used to sell directly their products bringing them in Furoshiki cloth. The objective of “Furoshiki Bazaar Work Shop” was to know more about product development, quality control, marketing etc at direct sale. After some interactive lectures about it, Murewa team and the ex-participants tried to sell their products. In fact, we had asked 7 ex-participants to bring 5 local products from their countries for this work session. In consequence, this practice was so exciting and amusing!
See also : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Furoshiki
…To be continued later :)


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