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02 28, 2012

Marvelous study trip to Murewa, Zimbabwe No-2

エルサレムダンス.JPG Murewa Green Tourism Project of Cynthia-san, Zimbabwean ex-participant impressed all of us so much. The core group is very well organized and motivated, they showed us “Jerusalem dance” which is recognized as the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO, their herbal garden and their home stay section.We should have brought a video camera…

We are all profoundly impressed by the fertility of this region and the potentiality of this project. They have lots of locally available materials and now trying to add specific value to them. There is still room for improvement (Kaizen), but we believe they are able to overcome every problem step by step.

It was also a good occasion for the other 7 ex-participants to know how this project has been going on successfully. Not only that but they could know about the other ex-participant’s life action plans through discussion and exchange of experiences. It enabled them to reflect more about their own action plan, and some new ideas may be put in practice in their home countries…
WELI would like to update each interesting action on this blog from time to time. So please let us know about your actual situation, awaiting to hear from you soon!!


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