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03 06, 2012

1st Trial of “Solar Dryer” of Coul-san (Burkina Faso, 2011-A)

1st Solar Dryer.JPG
Only 3 weeks after our study trip to Zimbabwe, Coul-san, Burkinabé ex-participant has successfully set up his 1st “Solar Dryer”.

2nd step Vegetable after.JPGDuring the study trip, Coul-san was so much amazed by this simple but useful equipment installed in Zimbabwean project site. So he decided to make out by himself as a trial in his county.
Look at these pictures! He is now investigating the performance with vegetables. One of the advantages is that they can dry them in hygienic condition. Next time, he plans to dry frog and fish with this Solar Dryer.
2nd step Onion after.JPG


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  • This is a exact “Life Improvement Approach, called Seikatu- KAIZEN in Japanese”, which encourages rural people to take autonomous actions for small but steady improvement !”

    Tomi | 04/16/2012 4:52 PM


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