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04 09, 2012

Arrival of 12 Vietnamese, cherry blossoms are in full bloom

This spring, we support the training of 12 Vietnamese counterparts of JICA’s technical assistance project on sustainable forestry management.

They arrived on 4th April to Tokyo, and almost at the same time, cherry trees started to bloom…
They are very lucky, because the cherry blossoms season last only a week or so.
We believe they made a good start, having the blessing of spring…
On 6th April, they presented their inception reports at JICA Tokyo International Center.
They will take 3 weeks’ training from now, we hope they can learn a lot through this training session.


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  • Beautiful!!!!!
    This is the best season to visit Japan to see SAKURA (Cherry blossoms) as well as learning useful approach from Japan !!!

    Tomi | 04/09/2012 2:22 PM


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