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04 23, 2012

Japanese rich and varied countryside


From 17th to 20th April, the 12 Vietnamese trainees visited Tochigi Prefecture, around 100 km from Tokyo. It was a great pleasure for us to accompany them in this beautiful springtime. Clean air, water, greenery, plum, peach and cherry blossoms were all around us.

We realized that this richness is protected with care and affection by community people;
we really felt great respect for them and their energetic leader. It seemed that the 12 trainees have understood well the importance of developing human resources, as a key element of project.
We also stopped in a road side station where we can have many kinds of local products, such as vegetable, juice, jam and other processed foods. This was also a richness of the countryside, that is, not only protecting the natural resources, but also they utilize these resources wisely, by adding value to them. We hope the Vietnamese trainees find something interesting and useful from this experience of learning in Japan.


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