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05 28, 2012

Report from Faksy san, Jaf san and Neka san(Nigeria), the post participants of 2011(A)

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Below is some extracts from Faksy san’s message.

“In relation to we have been doing, we have been very busy carrying out the NCWD/JICA project of empowering rural women in the Local governments through Activating Women Development Centers in these local governments, as a way of reducing poverty and empowering the rural women economically.
The project is been carried out in 6 states of the federation, in each state 3 local government areas are chosen as the focal areas.
The activities we have so far carried out, between November 2011 and February 2012 are:
1.Conducting Baseline Survey in each of the 3 LGA in each states
2. Skilled-Up trainings of the Women development officers, in the areas of Administration and Organization, Business education and seasonal calendar.
While conducting Baseline Surveys, interviews were conducted, Questionnaires were administered in carrying out WDC survey, Market Survey and LGA survey. Of important was the meeting we had with different groups in the LGA, where we carried out different activities with them, activities such as, Resource mapping (Visioning Workshop, Japan experience), Access and Control, Daily activities, focus group discussions, just to mention a few.
The skilled up training was carried out for the women development officers in areas of organizing groups and how best to run the groups in terms of administration.
Business education training was also carried out, in the areas of establishing and sustaining small businesses through simple bookkeeping techniques, credit management, pricing and costing of products, cooperatives, etc.
For the month of March, 2012. We have not gone out to the field yet, but we are pretty much occupied with different forms of capacity development trainings for the NCWD/JICA team, in areas such as Team Building trainings, Computer literacy trainings, Organizational capacity Development, Restraining on gender issues, women’s Empowerment and community Development (Faksy san, Jaf San, Nneka san and IJ san are the expected resources persons for these training) and Monitoring and evaluation training. Some of these trainings have started and still on-going; and it is going to be run concurrently with the field work.
For some of the trainings, resource persons are drawn from Jica experts and staff of National Centre for Women Development (NCWD).”
I really admire their hard work !!! Look his attitude on key informant. I can see his professional skills acquired from our training course – Tomi-


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  • Hi Fasky. You are doing a good job. keep it up.

    Ebi Emezue | 06/19/2012 2:49 PM

  • you are working so hard wish you all the best

    naila | 06/19/2012 2:58 PM


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