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10 21, 2012

Active progress news from Ze-san, Afghanistan

Ze-san is confident to share the latest news on her LIAP implementation. Due to her efforts and related stakeholders’ supports, LIP-Groups in Afghanistan have succeeded in producing different types of James from different fruits, such as Apple, Apricot, block cheery, carrot, grapes and any fruits available locally.

And akso they are able to produce different species,( it is called Turshy , Achar ,Chakny, other products from vegetables from their own garden )and are they are ble to package the fresh fruits properly and bring to MRRD ministry for sale.

NABDP has established 12 fruit and vegetable process groups in Kabul( Paghman , Kalakan , Qarabagh, Mirbachakot and shakerDara districts )Laghman ( Mahterlam and Qarghaee) Takhar ( Farkhar and Taloqan ) Baghlan ( Baghlan Markazi ) Samangan ( Ayback and Hazrati Sultan).2 cucumber ( one in Baghlan ( Doshi) District ) one in Kabul ( Dahsabz district ),Bee keeping in Kabul ( Guldara and Estalif District )

And also one fishery group was in Kabul ( Charasyab) created but unfortunately it dose not bring good results at this moment. And then 17 women poultry groups are born. They are very new, so Ze-san and her colleagues are trying to find solutions to get better results (KAIZEN-improvement)


This photo shows processed fruit and vegetable from Laghman province Qarghaee.

It is nice to see active Afghan women making change their livers for better like Japan women have done slowly but steadily -T-


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