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10 02, 2012

Valueable Donkeys in rural Afghanistan

 These pictures were taken at Namakab, one of districts in Northeast of Afghanistan by Ze-san. She said, it is very close to the center of province, but still roads condition is not good enough, so people totally depend on these donkeys as the most reliable transportation under such a severer living condition…..



As shown, donkey is not juts animal, but this is not so exaggerated to say, looks like angels which are saving people’s lives by carrying foods, fire woods and warmer clothes for their survival.

 Thanks, Ze-san for these pictures which allow to learn more rural Afghanistan and your hard work.
I am sure their lives tomorrow will be much better than today due to all efforts! This is from our philosophy of Life Improvement Approach . -T-


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  • thanks for sharing the real satuationn of Afghanistan, out of 75% of rural people in Ain Afghanistan majority has no access to road , women died during the maternaty period on the way children has to work to find food becuse their father died during the war ,using child as a laour is common in Afghanistan due to earning children cannot go to school, it is sufferable for us,

    zeyadah | 10/20/2012 1:22 PM


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