Implementing Agencies

Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)

URL http://www.jica.go.jp (English and Japanese)

Rural Women Empowerment and Life Improvement Association (WELI)

The Rural Women Empowerment and Life Improvement Association (WELI) was established in 1957. Since then it has been widely engaged in improvement of life and status of rural women.

Main Activities

  1. The establishment of the Training Institute for Life Improvement Techniques, and the donation of this to the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries in October 1958
  2. Publication of data collected by investigation on rural women’s activities and opinions.
  3. Support Activities
    • National conventions for women engaged in agriculture
    • Meetings to study a variety of subjects related to the legal position of rural women
    • Holding a variety of seminars
    • Commendation of organizations (or individuals) or rural women for their excellent activities
  4. Commission Activities
    • Holding of the “Empowerment of Rural Women Course”
    • Support for holding commemorative events for Rural Women’s Day
    • Correspondence course and schooling for rural women
    • Training for child-rearing counselors in rural areas
    • Commendation of rural elderly people for outstanding activities
  5. Support for women’ organizations
    • The National Agriculture Council of Women’s Groups
    • The Women Farmers Association


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URL http://www.weli.or.jp (Japanese)
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