Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation(APEC)

Photo reports on APEC 2010 Ministerial Meetings on Food Security in Niigata
WELI as an association for rural gender equality promotion opened a booth at the ministerial meetings on food security held in Niigata prefecture in October 2010. It was the first meeting held on food security in APEC, and WELI was there to show the important role of rural women entrepreneurs in securing safe food supply and also community revitalisation.
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WELI Debut in APEC! [15th Women Leaders Network Meeting]
WELI organised a panel discussion during the 15th APEC Women Leaders Network Meeting held in Tokyo from 19th to 21st of September 2010. We invited panelists from Japan, Taiwan and the Philippines to share the experience ofrural women entrepreneurial activities. Our workshop title was “Rural Women’s Successes of Entrepreneurship, Making the Best Use of People, Material Culture and Environment”

Ms. Tomizawa and Ms. Arima officially presented the summary and conclusion of the workshop in the entire closing ceremony. It was memorial moment that outcomes of the workshop succeeded in breaking the stereotyped reputation of rural women that is vulnerable.
Click HERE to see the summary of the workshop and photos. Also you can go to WLN website to check our panel discussion.

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