Reports from Post Particiapants

[Report from Faksy san, Jaf san and Neka san(Nigeria), the post participants of 2011(A)]

Below is some extracts from Faksy san’s message. “In relation to we have been doing, we have been very busy carrying out the NCWD/JICA project of empowering rural [...]

[Report from Ze-san from Afghanistan, the post participants of 2009(A)]

This is a short report to share you! In the NABDP, Afghanistan, she has established 40 life improvement practice groups (LIP-Group) since 2009, who are engaged in different [...]

[1st Trial of “Solar Dryer” of Coul-san (Burkina Faso, 2011-A)]

Only 3 weeks after our study trip to Zimbabwe, Coul-san, Burkinabé ex-participant has successfully set up his 1st “Solar Dryer”. During the study trip, Coul-san was so much [...]

[Update from Naon-san(2009 Francophone Africa)Training in Benin]

Naon-san went to Benin for Africa Rice Training for two weeks. Practicing rice growing experiment in Benin must be useful due to similar condition of Burkina Faso. We [...]

[Update Naon-san(2009 Francophone Africa ) forming autonomous famers groups]

Naon-san gave us good recent news and photos about his work from Burkina Faso. He said that his task team in the extension service has applied the KAIZEN [...]

[Update from Kanta-san (India), the post participant of 2008]

She shared that her article that published in an edited book in Assam, “Tourism and Women Empowerment and: An Experience of A Japanese Concept” She mentioned “The north-east [...]

[Update from Cynthia san(Zimbabwe), the post participant of 2008]

She informed her progress of the LIAP project, “Sustainable Improvement of the Livelihoods of Female Headed Households in Murewa District Through Green Tourism”. (For details of the project, [...]

[Updates from Metra-san [Post Participants of 2010A]]

Our post participant, Metra-san from Yemen, sent us updates with photos on her LIAP. She has been providing literacy training to the rural women together with their children, [...]

[Update from Santa san (Angola), the post participants of 2009(B)]

She was excited at sharing her good news on her action plan (LIAP). She said “I gave a presentation on my action plan at Micro Finance Forum and [...]

[Ms. Magret Cynthia Mungofa (Zimbabwe), the post participants from 2008
"Sustainable Improvement of Livelihoods of Female Headed Households in Murewa through Green Tourism"]

Cynthia-san, as one of the best participants who implemented her own action plan reported her on-going projects based on life improvement approach to the journal “Farming Japan”. please click here to read the article [pdf]